zaterdag 27 maart 2010

Dollface Blog Giveaway!!!

Hey Guys!

Maybe you know Dollface.. Here on blogspot "A day in the life of Dollface...." and on YouTube Dollface22772! She is sooo good in doing nail art! You must check her blog & Youtube-channel! But yes, propably you want to know why I write this.. Well she is having on this moment a BIG BLOG GIVEAWAY!! There are very great prizes, like ZOYA nail polishes and alot of LA Colours Art Deco. All you have to do is follow her blog and give a link from her blog, youtube channel and Etsy store on your own blog (and some pictures of her nail art)!
Now something about here Etsy-store (Called Littlest Charm Factory). She makes very very very cute things from polymer clay. It is soo amazing cute! I swear! Here is the link to the store:
So, here are some excamples from Dollface her Nail Art!

And here are some excamples of her polymer clay stuff :D <3

Don't forget to check her blog:
Don't forget to check her Youtube:
Don't forget to go to her shop!

So, that was it! I'll try to make my blog something nicer and put my nail art also on it! :D So follow me if you want to see my coming up nail art!! :D

X Zina