zondag 25 april 2010

Puppy giveaway by The Dutch Nail Blog!

The giveaway:

No don't get mad! Of course I'm not giving away puppies! Hear me out!

I have two very cute Dutch Sheepdogs called Bikkel and Anoek and Bikkel is going to be a daddy! Right now my sisters sheepdog Renske is so pregnant she can hardly walk and the puppies are due next weekend! We don't know exactly how many puppies there are going to be but the vet told us we should be counting on anything from 6-12!

Bikkel is the dog in the front and Renske the black one behind him.

So here's the thing. I want to do another giveaway so bad because the last one was fun and because I'm very enthusiastic about the new polishes from Catrice so I'm putting this giveaway online before I even have the polishes, the pictures or the exact number of polishes.

Here's what I can tell you:

This giveaway will be open to everyone around the world!

There are going to be polishes from the new Catrice line involved because the new colours are amazing and I want to share!

On of those polishes will be Catrice Sold Out For Ever which, according to my opinion, is an even closer dupe to Chanel Jade than Claire's Dreamcatcher!

The other polishes will be chosen by the winner HERSELF!

There is going to be additional nail polish thinner involved because the colours may be awesome but unfortunately the formula of the new Catrices does leave something to be desired.

The size of this giveaway will depend on how many puppies are born!

Update! The puppies were born early but everything went well. There are nine puppies!

The rules:

Please pay attention to these. I'm not asking for a lot but in my last giveaway I've had to disqualify some of the entries and I hate to do that.


1.You MUST be a follower! New followers are certainly welcome! I prefer if you follow me through Blogger or Google Friend Connect (The thingy with the pictures to the right, it's really easy! I promiss!) so I can keep track of how many are following me but if you follow me in another way please let me know.

2.Leave a comment with your email address. Feel free to write it in a way so spambots can't get to it but make sure it makes sense because I need to be able to contact you if you win!

3.Tell me what you would call your puppy if you would get one of these fur balls. Note: The name has to start with a W!


You can get one extra entry if you tell someone about this giveaway and let me know about it. (preferably with a link) You can blog (please provide a link), tweet (@DutchNailBlog and please provide a link), stick a banner on your car and drive around town, post it on a forum (again, link please!) etc. Be creative! But please make sure to check message boards and fora to see if someone else already posted it. We don't want to spam anyone!

Please make sure to leave your extra entry in a seperate comment! That would make my life a lot easier!

So you can get two entries max!

This giveaway ends April 30th at midnight local time! (GMT+1)

-edit- I forgot to mention the winner will be chosen by http://www.random.org/.

I'll update this post with more news and pictures as we go along.

This is the link to the giveaway:http://thedutchnailblog.blogspot.com/2010/03/surprise-puppy-giveaway.html


GIVEAWAY Yardsticks4Lunatics!!!

The Giveaway:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

There ain't no cure for the Summertime Blues - UNLESS There's a GIVEAWAY!!!

There is a HUGE giveaway.....all for chasing those "Summertime Blues"!

I can't wait for all the blue polishes to get here, but I want to get this thing on it's way! I came up with this little ditty because of that song, and after the winter we have had here, wanted to get right in to summer! The only blues you'll have if you win this will be on your fingers and toes!!!!!!

I also have :

Sinful: Hottie, Nail Junkie and Aqua

Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro: Marine Blue

Pure Ice: Once Again and Splash

An audio CD full of "Summer" tunes like "Summertime Blues", "Surfin' Safari" and "Under the Boardwalk", etc.

Kool-Aid drink mixes and little umbrellas for your "coconut drinks"

I know there is not one of my pics up yet, but I just couldn't wait....as soon as the polishes arrive, I'll get one....and wouldn't you know I am still collecting "BLUE" polishes, so there will be more added as I acquire them!

I think this is going to be an easy giveaway.

1. You must be a follower ~ new followers are always welcome ~ 1 entry

2. Blog about or re-post (provide link) ~ 1 entry

3. Am I on your blogroll? (provide link) ~ 1 entry

4. Tell me why you LOVE (or hate - lol) summer ~ 1 entry

AND....don't forget to leave your email so I can contact you if you win!!!!

International entries are always welcome!

Closing date is May 8th, my wonderful husband's birthday!!!!

Be Polished! (and good luck!)

This is the link to the giveaway:


vrijdag 9 april 2010

Lololicious Blog Giveaway!!!

This is really a great giveaway! :D

If you want to enter here are the rules:

1) Lolo will need each person to send your email address to her @ mrs.licious69@gmail.com so that you can be notified if you win. You can put all of your entries in one comment post or separate posts.


Be a follower 0r e-mail subscriber of 3d Nail Art Blog.

3) 5 ENTRIES!!!

You must leave a comment to this post stating why you subscribed to my youtube channel or followed my blog. {Don't worry! My feelings won't be hurt if your response is prizes!} =D

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog design for the previous month.

OPTIONAL entry opportunities:


Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog Haul's or collection videos.

2) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Be a subscriber of my youtube channel:

http://www.youtube.com/user/lololicious69 {Please post a link to your youtube channel}


Comment my youtube giveaway announcement video. {see below}

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Upload a short video about this giveaway. {Please post a link to the video}

5) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Post about this giveaway on your blog. {Post a link to blog post}

You may use the 1st picture in this post on your blog AND it will count as 2 extra entries!

6) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Add 3D Nail Art Blog in your blogroll. {Please post a link to your blog if you haven't made a post about this giveaway.}

Ends May 1st @ 12 AM EST

The rules to my monthly blog giveaway will change each month, so be sure to read the entire post =) I really hope you ladies enjoy the prizes!

This are the prizes :D


This is the link to the giveaway:
Enjoy! :D

woensdag 7 april 2010

Nail Addicts Anonymous Giveaway!

Hey guys!

It is soo Amazing... AnĂ³ther giveaway! Haha :D

This are the rules and so...

Mar 18, 2010

Our First Giveaway - Celebrating 64 Followers!

Hey Addicts!

We are sooooo happy to see that we have 64 followers in such a short amount of time. It felt like it was just yesterday we were giggling like a pair of school girls because we had our first official follower! So what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway. We missed our 50-follower mark (went to sleep with 49 and woke up to 51) so we decided to break blogger tradition... Therefore, we want to celebrate having 64 followers!!!

Here is what is up for grabs:

(From Left to Right)


Mink Muffs, Shindig, Porcini, Van D'Go


Snowcone, Mint Mojito


Chapel of Love, Jade Is The New Black

China Glaze

Bahamian Escape, Shower Together, Tree Hugger

Awakening, Lemon Fizz, Bermuda Breakaway, Good Witch?

Since Mari & I joined forces we realized we had a few doubles of unused colors... and there is no point in having more than one bottle (except for a few special colors that we decided to each keep our own).


1. Must be a follower. New followers are always welcomed!

2. You must leave a comment below with the following information:

- Your name (you can put your Google Friend Connect name since it makes it easier to keep track of things.)

- Your email. Feel free to write it in a way where spam bots can't get it. But make sure it makes sense, please!

- Your additional entry. See the list of possible additional entries below.

Additional Entries:

- Blog about our giveaway on your own blog. Help spread the word! Please provide a link to show the posting.

- Add us to your blogroll. Please provide a link to your blog.

Total Possible Entries:

- Being a follower. (1 automatically)

- Blogging about our giveaway. (2 entries)

- Have us on your blogroll. (2 entries)

Deadline: This giveaway will be open until Friday, April 9th at 11:59pm. The winner will be announced by Monday, April 12th. So be quickly to enter for the deadline!

Good Luck!

Update: You can enter the giveaway even if you are in another country. International entries are welcomed!

If you like this giveaway, here is the link :http://nailaddictsanonymous.blogspot.com/2010/03/our-first-giveaway-celebrating-64.html

Good luck ;-) Xx Zina

maandag 5 april 2010

Crystaliciousss Giveaway!

Hey everybody!

Another giveaway here on blogspot! :D

This is the link to the giveaway:


Read here the rules:


Ik ben al weken op zoek naar mijn tweezerman en heb ze nog steeds niet gevonden (grrr) ik kwam tijdens het zoeken wel veel dingen tegen die ik niet gebruik, dus weggooien of weggeven???? Het laatste dus!!!

De prijs is een schoenendoos gevuld met leuke items, lush snowcake zeep, China glaze (something sweet en metallic muse), Jessica (striking, powerfull en de prachtige vogue) en Diamond cosmetics (Dirty&flirty) nagellakken, wat geursamples, Mac pigment sample push the edge, Nyx en La colors producten (eenmaal geswatched) een rituals gloss, 2 paar nieuwe H&M oorbellen en een mooi Dior tasje.

De regels:

1. Je moet volger zijn van mijn blog

Laat een comment achter met je mailadres.

2. volgers van over de hele wereld zijn welkom!

3. Optioneel: (maar je moet volger zijn)

- je kan 2 extra entries verdienen door deze giveaway op je blog te vermelden,

laat een comment achter met de link van je blog.

4. Deze giveaway is open tot 7 april 21.00 pm - CET

5. De winnaar wordt willekeurig gekozen en krijgt van mij een mailtje met verdere instructies.

6. Een inzending per persoon (met uitzondering van de bloggers die verwijzen naar de giveaway, die kunnen er 3 verdienen)

I am looking for my tweezerman tweezers for two weeks now and still have not found them, i did find a lot of stuff i don't use...so....toss it away??? or do a giveaway!!! (ok that was a lame rhyme...) anyway....the giveway is a shoebox filled with goodies, lush snowcake soap, china glaze (something sweet and metallic muse), jessica (powerful,striking and the gorgeous shade vogue) and diamond cosmetic (dirty&flirty) polishes, some fragrance samples, Mac pigment sample push the edge, some Nyx and la colors items (used for swatching once) a new rituals lipgloss and 2 pair ofbrand new H&M earrings and a dior pouch.


The rules

1. You must be a follower on my blog.

Leave me a comment with your email adress to let me know you are a follower.

2. Everybody can join, also international followerd

3. Optional: (but you have to be a follower of my blog)

- You can earn extra entries by reposting this giveaway on your blog,

please be sure to leave the link in the commentbox. Feel free to use the picture,

4. This giveaway is open till the 7th of april 21.00 pm - CET

5. The winner will be drawn randomly and will recieve an email from me with further details.

6. One entry per person (exept from fellow bloggers who can earn 3 by blogging about this giveaway)

Good luck to all!

Prizes: :D