vrijdag 9 april 2010

Lololicious Blog Giveaway!!!

This is really a great giveaway! :D

If you want to enter here are the rules:

1) Lolo will need each person to send your email address to her @ mrs.licious69@gmail.com so that you can be notified if you win. You can put all of your entries in one comment post or separate posts.


Be a follower 0r e-mail subscriber of 3d Nail Art Blog.

3) 5 ENTRIES!!!

You must leave a comment to this post stating why you subscribed to my youtube channel or followed my blog. {Don't worry! My feelings won't be hurt if your response is prizes!} =D

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog design for the previous month.

OPTIONAL entry opportunities:


Post a comment to your favorite 3D Nail Art Blog Haul's or collection videos.

2) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Be a subscriber of my youtube channel:

http://www.youtube.com/user/lololicious69 {Please post a link to your youtube channel}


Comment my youtube giveaway announcement video. {see below}

4) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Upload a short video about this giveaway. {Please post a link to the video}

5) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Post about this giveaway on your blog. {Post a link to blog post}

You may use the 1st picture in this post on your blog AND it will count as 2 extra entries!

6) 5 ENTRIES!!!

Add 3D Nail Art Blog in your blogroll. {Please post a link to your blog if you haven't made a post about this giveaway.}

Ends May 1st @ 12 AM EST

The rules to my monthly blog giveaway will change each month, so be sure to read the entire post =) I really hope you ladies enjoy the prizes!

This are the prizes :D


This is the link to the giveaway:
Enjoy! :D

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